April 15, 2012

4/9/12 - Pipe Springs NM

Driving across the Arizona Strip to our next RV park, we drove right by Pipe Spring National Monument.  I'd called the Visitor Center weeks before to ask if there was parking available for big trailers.  I was assured it was no problem.  I reassured George several times that we'd be able to park the RV!

An oasis in the desert near the Vermilion Cliffs, the monument is part of the National Park Service.  I was a little confused by the sign to the the Visitor Center--it's an unexpected joint effort between the NPS and the Kaibab Bank of Paiute Indians. 

The Paiutes lived in the area for hundreds of years.  These are examples of their dwellings, or kahns.
The museum has some cool Paiute artwork.
In 1871 Mormon pioneers built a ranch/fort, called Winsor Castle, over the springs.  We went on the tour to see how the settlers lived.
Look closely at this settee to see how it opens out to form the original Hide-a-bed!

Outside are replicas of stuff you'd find on an old ranch. I liked the Longhorn cattle. 

Check out the link for more pictures:  Pipe Springs NM

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