April 14, 2012

4/8/12 – Wahweap & Horseshoe Bend

The weather had been lousy for the last few days--lots of wind and even some rain--so there were a couple of "must see" places for the last day in Page. 

First we headed north back across the Glen Canyon Dam to Wahweap on Lake Powell.  If you squint, you can see the bridge across the canyon and the dam. 

Wahweap Marina is in the other direction.  It looks like a city of the biggest house boats you'll ever see!!!  And they're definitely NOT in our budget!

Next stop was back across the dam to the Horseshoe Bend outlook south of Page.  When you get to the parking lot, you'd never guess there was a river nearby--all you can see is a trail of people heading off across the desert!
It’s a ½ mile hike out to the canyon which lets you get lots of sand in your shoes.  At the start of the trail, there’s a cautionary sign that tells you there are no guardrails and the rocks aren’t stable.   (I could already tell that acrophobia might become an issue.) 

There were lots of wildflowers along the way.  In order:  Canagre Dock, Scorpionweed, Desert Dandelion.  And, no, I didn't know what they were when I took their little pictures.  Well, I did say that the yellow one looked like a dandelion--I was a bit surprised when I found out that it was!
Acrophobia--which I prefer to define as "extreme caution in high places"--works a lot like guardrails, except there’s nothing to hold on to.  I sat down, then crawled a little closer, but not as close as the woman in the 2nd picture.   It’s a long, long way down! 

George was a lot braver than I was.
AND he got better pictures!
Click on the link for more pictures of Wahweap:  Wahweap
Then click on this link for more pics of Horseshoe Bend:  Horseshoe Bend 

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