April 25, 2012

4/22/12 - Zion NP - Kolob Canyons

Way up in the northwestern corner of Zion National Park is a section that doesn't get the traffic or publicity that Zion Canyon does.  The Kolob Canyons are south of Cedar City, just off I-15.  The red road up the canyon has bright yellow stripes and lots of turnouts to stop for pictures.  Good thing--I always need more photos!

The red Navajo sandstone mountains and sheer cliffs flow down into deep pocket canyons that the locals call "Kolob Fingers". 
The tilted layers of the rocks are a fold of the "Hurricane Fault".   I think it was probably more than a 6.0 earthquake though!

There are a couple of longish trails through the wilderness that we weren't up for, so we took the mile-long Timber Creek Overlook Trail that follows a ridge to a point for views of Timber Creek, Kolob Terrace and the Pine Valley mountains.   (I was told not to use pictures of George's backside, but I usually let him take point so that's what I see.  I told him if he scares up a wild animal, it'll eat him first! Winking smile ) 

For more pictures of Kolob Canyons, here's a link:    Kolob Canyons / Zion NP

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