September 13, 2017

On the road again!

All the medical procedures and treatments are done.  I skated through it all and feel great!  After all the time we spent doing that this summer, it's nice to be travelling again.  

We spent last week in Kennewick, WA, and are now heading southeast.  There are so many fires in the northwest that I want to make sure we get out of and stay out the smoke.  We're heading for the red rocks of Utah.

Plan now is Idaho for a couple of weeks, then down into Utah.  We'll head back to Moab, then Monument Valley on the way to Arizona by mid-October.  Hopefully, I'll have more pictures to share soon.

May 6, 2017

Change of plans

Sadly, the Alaska trip is off for this year!  Because of some medical issues I'm having, we're staying in the Puget Sound area for a couple of months--but by then it'll be too late to go to Alaska and do it right.

At this point, I haven't even thought about what we could do after treatment is concluded. I'll save the Alaskan notes, but start working on another itinerary to get us back to Arizona with the snowbirds. Let me know if you have any ideas!

February 8, 2017

Future plans

We're going to Alaska next summer!  Right now we're hunkered down in Arizona waiting for spring so we can head north.  I'm reading everything I can get my hands on about the Alaskan Highway, and making a list of what I want to see.  (Actually, it's a spreadsheet, but that works for me.)

Check back in a couple of months to see what we're doing.