October 19, 2016

10/11/16 - Thompson Springs Ghost Town

Thompson Springs Main Street

George was sick.  I was bored.  I wandered around the little town of Thompson Springs, which is about as close to a modern day ghost town as you're going to get.  Originally a railroad town, when they found coal nearby, it became a mining town too. Amtrak stopped passenger service in 1997, but trains still go through on a regular basis.  Apparently they still mine nearby--the coal sign was on someone's fence.
Railroad Crossing

There are fewer than 40 people who still live there; the business part of town has been defunct for years.
House and Well
Inside the House
Interior of Abandoned Building

Cafe and Bar
Bar Interior
This brick building used to be the train depot. After trains stopped stopping, it was converted to a restaurant...or maybe the depot was also a cafe all along. It too is closed now, but was used as a set during the filming of "Thelma and Louise"--probably before the holes in the ceiling.  Haven't a clue about the lawnmower.
Railroad Station, Later a Cafe

Cafe Interior
The motel is closed, but the hotel seems to be open--and for sale, just in case you're interested.     

Desert Moon Hotel

Another Abandoned House

Grocery Store
Left in the Field

Old Crane
Modified Historic Building
There's a sign on this building that says "Thompson's One Room School, EST 1907". Obviously it's been added onto at some point, cause that doesn't look like any one room school I've ever seen..  Looks like it might still be used for something, but there's no clue anywhere on the building about what that might  be.  (Disclaimer:  No children were injured during the taking of this photograph.  Probably haven't been any around here in a long time.)

Butte Outside Town

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