August 13, 2012

8/7-10/12 - Glacier NP

We stayed at a campground just a mile from Glacer National Park, and went to the park three times. 

We heard there was a bear right behind our campsite the night before we got there.  I kept checking out the back window, but never saw him.  George told people I was trying to get eaten by a bear. 

Day 1:  Since we got a late start (noon, for Pete's sakes!) we didn't do a lot.  We checked out Apgar Village, then drove along the shore of Lake McDonald.  The water is clear and blue and cold! 
The water of McDonald Creek is a different shade of blue, and even colder! 

We walked across the bridge to take pictures of the falls and the creek, then climbed down under it and took more pictures. (I really like climbing around on the rocks.  George worries because he's sure I'm going to get hurt. I do trip a lot, but that's nothing new. There's a reason they called me "Grace" when I was a kid.)

Day 2:  We got up earlier (I made a lot of noise) and took the shuttle, leaving the driving to several someone elses. 

At Avalanche Creek, we hiked the Trail of the Cedars.  Check out the size of these tree roots I'm standing next to!
There's construction on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, so it takes a while. 
Logan Pass is on the Continental Divide--way over a mile high at 6,646 feet.  With a gazillion other people, we hiked the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail. 
Just as we started out, there was a mountain goat right beside the pathway.  I named him Snowball.
Think GLACIER; think SNOW!  Sometimes it's across the trail.  (It was cold when I fell down.)
There were wildflowers along the way.
It was all uphill, and huffy-puffy at that elevation, but it was worth it! 
Below the lookout point, there were more mountain goats.  Some people went past the "Don't go any farther" sign to get closeup pictures.  Not terribly bright.


They didn't have to--there was a family of them next to the trail on the way down. 
Day 3:  we hiked to Avalanche Lake.  There are 4 waterfalls coming down from the glacier into the lake.  And LOTS of flowers!
 I've got more pictures of Glacier NP if you click on this link:  Glacier National Park