August 21, 2012

8/14-18/2012 - Yellowstone NP

My daughter Laura joined us to visit Yellowstone National Park.  We had a great time!

EVERYONE at Yellowstone takes pictures!  Line up the family on one side of the boardwalk, hand someone your camera to take a picture with the geyser (waterfall, mountain, whatever) in the background. Of course, everyone else has to wait while you do it. Sometimes I got annoyed and took pictures of them too...

Here's one of the 3 of us:

On our first visit to Yellowstone, we chanced to see:

          12 geisers steaming:  (I'm sure we saw more than 12, but I lost count.)
Tortoise Shell Spring and Castle Geyser

 11 springs a-flowing:
Terrace at Pallette Spring

10 pools a-boiling:  (I know this is really, really hot water!  But of course, I wanted to test it...which is really, really stupid, huh?)  

Beryl Pool
9 mudpots glubbing:  (they really do go "glub, glub, glub"!)
8 fields of flowers:  (If you've been paying attention to the other places we've been, you knew I'd take flower pictures.)

7 flocks of geese:  (I confess I have no pictures of Canada geese.  They're such a common bird at home I didn't even think of it--however, lots of other tourists stopped whenever they saw them in the water!  Big fat things in water so shallow they had to walk instead of swim.) 

6 chipmunks begging:  (they're really cute, aren't they?)
5 waterfalls:  (Gibbon Falls, Upper Yellowstone Falls, Lower Yellowstone Falls, Virginia Cascade, ummm...gotta be another one somewhere!)
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


Gibbon Falls
4 rivers flowing:  (Madison, Gibbon, Yellowstone, Firehole--got 'em all this time!)
Firehole River

Madison River

3 bison grazing:  (Park rule:  stay 100 yards away from bears and buffalo; 25 yards away from all other critters.)
2 herds of elk:  (The elk were even farther away than the buffalo--except for this one in the trees.  You get extra points if you can actually find him.)

...and Old Faithful e-rup-ting hiiiigh. 
(Sorry.... Open-mouth smile)
I took way too many pictures of Yellowstone.  You can check some of them out at this link:  Yellowstone NP