May 4, 2011

5/2/11 – Ft. Myers Beach

It wasn’t a very long trip from Punta Gorda to Ft. Myers, but my cousin Charlotte told me about how wonderful Sanibel Island was and I wanted to go collect seashells.  Ft. Myers Beach RV Resort is an Encore park and we got a good deal on it for a week.  We're definitely in the off-season in south Florida!  Cheap rent, empty parks...
After dinner we drove a few miles to Ft. Myers Beach.  Good thing parking meters were free after 6:00 pm.  We finally found an open one and walked to the pier.
It’s a beach town, touristy and fun.  We watched a pelican try to beg from a couple who were fishing.  We watched someone throw a net into the water—don’t know what he was fishing for because he wasn’t catching anything.  And we watched the sun peek out at the very last minute below the thunderheads that blocked the sunset; no green flash though...
We walked back to Times Square (there's a clock) and got ice cream cones before we headed to the grocery store.
Link to a few more pictures:  Ft Myers Beach 

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