May 6, 2011

5/1/11 - Visiting a friend in Punta Gorda

Our next stop was Punta Gorda, FL, to visit a friend I worked with at PAC.  Linda Stone and her husband moved back to Florida last summer.  After weeks of trying, we finally got a date arranged to meet.  It was only a 50-mile drive from Wauchula but by the time we got there, we could hardly see through the lovebugs on the windshield!
Linda lives in a neighborhood that has streets in front, canals in back.  George and I drove over for dinner with Linda and her husband Jim on Saturday.  Got there about 3:30 and left after midnight.  That’s the first time in ages I’d stayed up that late!  We sat out on the lanai most of the time.  I think around here they call it a “Florida room”, a big screened-in area that encompasses patio and swimming pool.  It was great to sit out in the evening and not have to worry about mosquitoes!
The next day Linda & Jim came over to see our “house”, then Linda took me on a tour of Punta Gorda, famous for Ponce de Leon's landing in 1513.  They have a big memorial statue to him overlooking Charlotte Harbor, and a couple of uglier ones at Ponce de Leon Park.  We ended with a trip to Fisherman’s Village for lunch.  Meanwhile, George & Jim went to the nearby Muscle Car Museum.  (Thank you, Jim!!)
Linda’s doing well, working at a florist’s in Port Charlotte now and really enjoys it.  It was great to see someone I knew.
PS.  Neither one of us misses working at PAC!  J

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