January 25, 2011

1/20/2011 – New Home

We left home with a 27’ Prowler 5th wheel.  It has a single slide-out.  It was paid for…
1997 Prowler ready to leave home
 When we got to Las Vegas, we went out to the Camping World store for some trailer supplies.  It’s “conveniently” located at an RV dealership.  I made the mistake of suggesting to George that we look at some new trailers—just for entertainment purposes, you understand…
Wow!  Pretty nice stuff.  They’ve made a lot of changes in the last 15 years.  We didn’t go home with one.
However…just down the road from where the 1000 Trails Las Vegas is located, there are several more RV dealerships, and one day, George just couldn’t resist.  We checked out what they had to offer, and a day or two later, ended up going back to see a few of them again.  They had a 2009 Heartland Big Country at a really good price, even though they wouldn’t give us a senior’s discount.  They gave us a pretty good trade-in on the Prowler and told us it would take a day or so to get the financing approved. 
I asked which would be the best day to be out of phone range so we could go to the Valley of Fire.  The salesman said the next day (Wednesday) and I thought it would be good to get G out of the area so he wouldn’t be so antsy.  (George is really proficient at antsy, worry-wart that he is.)   So we went to the park—where George discovered there was no phone signal—even at the Visitor’s Center.  We did find one at Rainbow Vista—George had a beep that there was a message.  Turns out our credit is better than they expected, and got the loan approved quicker than expected (with a better interest rate too) so they wanted us to come back and sign papers that day.  I wanted to finish seeing the park.  We compromised.
2009 Big Country
Everything got all finished by the next day, which was our day to check out of 1000 Trails.  I cancelled the reservations we had in Arizona and we moved to the back lot of the dealership.  Once an RV is sold, Johnnie Walker’s has you come live in it a day or two to make sure that everything is in good working order.  We started transferring everything from the Prowler to the Big Country on Thursday afternoon, then spent our first night in it.  By Friday morning, we’d come up with a list of things that had to be fixed, including a leak under the kitchen sink.  They moved the 5th wheel back to their service area and started working on the list, and finished that afternoon! 

By Monday, we were ready to resume our trip.  Onward to Arizona!

More pictures: 
New Trailer pics 

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