January 18, 2011

1/16/2011 – Red Rock Canyon NCA

Red Rock Canyon NCA (even I didn’t know this acronyn).  NCA stands for National Conservation Area!   We went there when we were kids in Las Vegas–I think it used to be a county park, but it's now BLM land. 
Nice new Visitors Center, with the absolutely best exhibit area we’ve seen anywhere!  The Scenic Drive is 13 miles one-way.  We made a mistake going on Sunday because there was more traffic and people than we’ve had to deal with at other parks (spoiled, aren’t we?) 
The very first stop at Calico I was supposed to be an easy hike.  “Easy” as long as you don’t mind scrambling on rocks, climbing up and down and not even being able to tell where the trail might be.  I loved it!  George wasn’t so sure. 
At Calico II, we watched real climbers assail the vertical walls. 
After that, we stopped for pictures at all the wide spots and then took the Willow Springs hike, supposedly another easy trail.  It certainly isn’t something I’d consider taking Charlotte on!  We saw petroglyphs and pictographs, and way up on a cliff, we saw a bunch of Bighorn Sheep! 
On the way out of the park (I mean, conservation area—oh, hell!  it's a park!) we saw a wild burro.  Is that cool or what?  

Link to Red Rock Canyon pictures

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