March 30, 2013

3/29/13 - Hubbell Trading Post NHS

After spending the winter in Arizona, I'm really excited to be travelling again! (You can't imagine how excited to be travelling again.)  Our first stop was at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site.  Actually it's just a minor detour in Ganado, NM, on the road to Canyon de Chelly Natl Monument.  Here we're crossing a little wash just off the highway.
Except for the cars instead of horses parked in front, it doesn't look a lot different than it would have when the Navajo traded with John Hubbell in 1876.  Tourists stop by for a history lesson, then browse or purchase some of the Hopi baskets, Navajo rugs, or turquoise jewelry.  A hundred years ago Indians traded rugs and jewelry and sheep and goats and horses for food. 

Go through the rustic front door... enter the Bullpen, which is sort of a old-west version of a convenience store.  This place is still a working trading post.
In the Rug Room, we found something for both of us.  Well, George liked the guns; I liked the rugs; we both liked the books.
The Jewelry Room used to be the Trader's Office. Now there are baskets hanging from the ceiling, and what must be the world's squeakiest floor!!
Click the link for a few more pics taken at Hubbell Trading Post NHS.