June 12, 2012

6/2/12 - Oregon Caves NM

Time for another cave tour—this time at the Oregon Caves National Monument in (guess where?!) southern Oregon.  The tour is only half a mile, but it takes 90 minutes. 

The Visitors Center is in the 1924 Chalet, and the Chateau was built in the early 1930s.

This cave is different from most caves because it’s a marble cave, not limestone.  Marble's prettier--whoever heard of anyone wanting limestone flooring, but wouldn't this be nice? 
A river runs through it.  It’s called the “Caves River” inside, but it’s name changes to something else outside.  I think that’s where they got the idea of changing street names at intersections which, incidentally, drives me nuts!!!
Our tour guide guided us through the caves, pointing out the standard stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, columns, draperies and a bunch of other stuff I forgot already. 

Oh, wait!  I think there's flowstone too!
There are places that are pretty low. I've been thinking that George should start wearing his bicycle helmet in caves. He always manages to conk his head someplace.  
I really liked the story about the Ghost Room.  Apparently one of the early tour guides was a practical jokester--and he did all sorts of scary ghosty stories and pranks in this section of the cave.   We saw it from the top, then went down into it.  From above it does look a little spooky.

And here we both are at the cave exit.
On a ratings scale 1-10, with Mammoth at 2 and Carlsbad at 9, I suppose I'd give this one about 6. 
There are more pictures at this link.  Oregon Caves NM

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