November 22, 2011

11/14/11 – Sedona - Little Horse Trail

Sedona is Red Rock Country, and has become a tourist Mecca.  We drove past all the gift shops and New Age stuff.  (Altho I do want to tell you that if you are so inclined, you can have an aura photo taken, go on a vortex tour, or have a past-life regression.)  We skipped all that, stopped at the Forest Service tourist center for trail info and headed out to the red rocks.

The Little Horse Trail goes up to Chicken Point.  We saw neither horses nor barnyard fowl. 
We did see a lot of young, extremely well-fit (although certifiably insane) people on mountain bikes.  You’d have to be crazy to want to ride a bicycle on this trail.  In some places it was just dirt with loose rocks; in other places it was rocks with more rocks.  Not for me, thank you very much. 
When we got to Chicken Point, there were a bunch of people there who’d ridden up the back way on a Pink Jeep tour.  I thought the jeeps were kinda cute, but I'll bet those folks got bounced around a lot in them.  Imagine what they paid for those bumps and bruises!
On the way back, we detoured to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross. 
I really like this country, and took a lot of pictures.  Here are a few--check out the link at the end for more.

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