April 6, 2011

4/5/11 – Panama City FL during spring break

Oh, come now—you don’t really think you’re going to get spring break pictures from me, do you??? 
We stayed at a nice little RV park just outside of Fountain, FL, miles and miles from everywhere.  It’s in the Florida panhandle, and 25 or so miles from Panama City.  I wanted to walk on the beach, so we headed south.  Yes, we’d seen the signs at businesses welcoming Spring Breakers, but it didn’t really register until we got to Beachfront Drive.  We were definitely too old for that crowd!

It was a cool day.  The sun was shining, but the temperatures really didn’t warrant bikinis—at least not unless you’re 19.  There were hundreds of kids—walking, riding on scooters, on the beach.  We were definitely outnumbered.  We headed inland, then south.  All I wanted was a beach to walk on…
We ended up at Camp Helen State Park.  It was right on the Gulf and next to Lake Powell, a coastal dunes lake.  It had been a summer home in the 1930s, then an Alabaman textile mill’s summer camp for employee families, and finally purchased in 1996 by the state.  Better than being another site.  They’ve left the old lodge, “rainbow cabins” and other outbuildings in place. 
There are hiking trails too, but all I wanted was to walk on the beach. 

Pictures from the park and beach:  Panama City & Camp Helen

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