December 29, 2010

12/27/10 – Calico Ghost Town

This is a San Bernadino County Park and we stayed in the RV campground there.   I thought I went here when I was a kid but Charlotte didn’t think so.  I'm sure she's right.
Quincy (a friend from work that we visited when we were in Menifee) told me that I’d be disappointed because it was pretty run down (isn’t that the definition of “ghost town”?)
The campsite I’d reserved was uninhabitable—if such a thing can be said for a dirt parking place.  The rains and flooding hit again, and dug out a big trench at one end of our assigned campsite.  We moved to another one and then checked out the town in the dusk—did it again the next morning in early light to see what I’d missed the night before.  No crowds either time.  
Original flooded campsite
It was different than I’d expected because it wasn’t strictly ghost town.  Well, it was, but it isn’t.  It was an old silver mining town that was bought in the ‘50s by Walter Knott, the same Knott of Knott’s Berry Farm fame.  He glitzed it up to make it park-like, then donated it to the county. 
It was all decorated up for Christmas, and I thought it was pretty.  There are feral cats there—dozens of them!  Pick a color and you could find it.  They’re pretty leery of people, but the rangers like them because they keep the rodents down.  Good point.

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