November 11, 2010

11/9/10 - Sundial Bridge

Our weather angel was with us as we crossed the Siskiyous just in time to miss a storm. We drove directly into horizontal snow, tiny dry flakes that made me happy we were going downhill and south. All we could see of Mt. Shasta was the base.
When we were signing in at the Green Acres RV resort, I asked the owner for suggestions on what to see in Redding. She said we shouldn't miss the Sundial Bridge—it was famous all over the world for its unique design. Okay—good enough for me. It was gray and misty, but we're from Seattle, so it wasn't a challenge to us. We did dig out an umbrella in case we wanted to be recognized as tourists, but left it in the truck when we got to Turtle Bay Exposition Park. There are a couple of museums and an arboretum, but they were already closed. Idiot fishermen were still wading around in the Sacramento River though, freezing important appendages off while waiting for steelhead to bite.
There were a couple of women there, one an official-looking photographer and the other a model. They came up with some odd poses, but it was kind of interesting to watch. We kept getting in each other's pictures so we just wandered around a bit on one side before they finished on the bridge and headed towards one of the trails.
The Sundial Bridge really does look like a sundial. The deck is made of glass panels which are supposed to be non-skid, but I was expecting them to be slippery in the rain and walked cautiously. The support tower works as the gnomon (yes, I looked it up!), although we never could figure out where you were supposed to read the time. Doesn't matter because I'm retired now and don't have to focus on a clock anymore. All I need to know is what day of the week it is…

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